About us

In Pattuka we are crazy about weddings… we like weddings in the morning or at dusk, with a sunny or a rainy day, weddings where guests toast with champagne or beer, weddings in the church or at the beach, weddings in heels or barefoot…

Moved by our passion, we started without knowing it to create what we are today: one of the first stores in Spain with a global concept where you can find and solve almost everything you need for your wedding: wonderful wedding dresses together with all the most special accesories, amazing wedding rings that you will never want to take off, very special wedding invitations, wedding favors for your guests and even if you want, the decoration of your wedding!.

In our store there are no typical stereotypes of the bridal business, we are young and therefore it is open minded (you can ask us for the craziest thing), fresh (we do not get tired of learning and innovating), fun (yes, we assume it, sometimes with the door closed we put a playlist and dance without stopping!), modern and the best of all, we don’t hide anything because we are very proud to be what we are and to do what we do because… we love this job!!

So with the illusion of the first day, we invite you to discover our store, hoping that you find in it what you are looking for to make your wedding day even more special.